MCQ completed a five-day intensive training bootcamp in Lyon, France in February 2023 as part of its multi-year collaboration with Euronews. The training covered all aspects of digital media and content production, providing MCQ team with invaluable insights into the opportunities and challenges of a post-linear media framework.

Led by senior Euronews staffers, including Javier Villagarcia, Head of Transformation, and François Chignac, Director of Africanews and Editorial Manager of Euronews' Branded Affiliates, the training was designed to equip MCQ team with the latest techniques and best practices in digital-first news reporting. One of the highlights of the bootcamp was the opportunity for knowledge-exchange between MCQ and Euronews, which allowed both partner entities to learn from each other and share their experiences in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

This training marks the successful completion of the second year of collaboration between MCQ and Euronews, which has resulted in a range of exciting developments and achievements. Through their partnership, MCQ and Euronews have been able to leverage their respective strengths and expertise to provide high-quality content and services to audiences across the region and beyond.

With the insights gained from this training bootcamp, MCQ is poised to continue delivering cutting-edge digital content and media services that meet the needs and expectations of its audiences in Qatar and beyond.