Media City Qatar (MCQ), is a state-of-the-art media hub in the Middle East, designed to support businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs with a focus on digital media, technology, communications, innovations, research and development.

MCQ was established by Decree No. (13) on 30 May 2019 as a cluster regulator, developer, and investor, with the aim of driving growth in the media industry and contributing to Qatar’s economic diversification.

MCQ will be located in a thriving business district that will be home to local, regional, and international media networks, technology companies, and research, innovation, and training institutions.

Our logo represents the coming together of diverse ideas and people to form a dedicated space where creativity, innovation, and technology thrive. Reflective of a loading symbol, it represents the constant thought process of storytellers and creatives through MCQ lenses.

MCQ’s official working hours are 07:00 am to 15:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday with core working hours from 08:00 am to 14:00 pm.

MCQ is focused on nine specialization areas, namely:

  1. Regional TV/ video production and aggregation
  2. Content aggregation for OTTs
  3. Regional news and magazines (e)publishing
  4. Gaming studio for developers
  5. Home to user-generated content creatives
  6. Innovation center for national champions
  7. Hub for global films and series production
  8. Gaming studio & base for large business
  9. Innovation hub for media technology

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Qatar has developed a diverse and competitive media sector. Among others, Al Jazeera Network was founded in 1996, and beIN Media Group in 2014. Qatar boasts one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world at over 99.7% and ranks among the top ten countries worldwide in adopting ICT. Qatar’s media sector offers a number of opportunities, backed by government support to investors and media-driven initiatives. Incubation and talent development programs, like those offered by Media City Qatar, draw talented individuals from the region and beyond to set up or grow their operations in Qatar.

Qatar offers a stable and resilient economy and a national vision that promotes sustainable economic growth and development. Its strategic location at the intersection between East and West places 60% of world's population within 8 fly-time hours, and over 160 destinations that are one flight away.

Qatar is also open to regional and global markets. It is a member of several multilateral trade agreements under the World Trade Organization (WTO) including more than 60 signed bilateral agreements. Qatar has over 80 double-taxation agreements with other jurisdictions around the globe.

With a 0% personal income tax and Doha’s ranking as the second safest city in the world, Qatar provides an attractive ecosystem for local, regional, and international media players.

MCQ offers a wide range of services and facilities for media production and broadcasting companies, including state-of-the-art studios and post-production facilities. As a media incubator, it also provides incubation and business acceleration programs that facilitate RDI and support start-ups and entrepreneurs.

MCQ is located in Doha, Qatar, a country known for its consistent economic growth, strategic location between East and West, excellent connectivity, and safe and attractive living and business environment. In line with its three-pillar mandate to regulate, develop, and invest in the country's media sector, Media City Qatar strives to be a catalyst for progress and investment, as Qatar develops into a leading media hub.

MCQ offers media companies and professionals the opportunity to become licensed and operational in Qatar, providing licensing facilities with 100% foreign ownership. It also provides permits through a state-of-the-art platform for media companies and content creators.

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MCQ offers a comprehensive package that includes cutting-edge communications infrastructure, state-of-the-art enabling technologies, robust data and content management, advanced cyber security measures, and powerful analytics. With a focus on value-based solutions, Media City Qatar provides attractive investment incentives for businesses of any scale in a tax-free zone, along with a low-risk investment environment.

MCQ's services are designed to support a wide range of media production and broadcasting companies, including film and television production companies, digital media, news organizations, sports broadcasters, advertising agencies, the eSports community, gaming companies, user-generated content creators, and publishers.