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In Feb 2021, Media City announced a strategic partnership with Euronews, one of the most renowned media networks in the world. The agreement is considered an important milestone in Media City’s effort to attract major media networks to Qatar. The agreement will lead to the establishment of a regional office and a media academy in Media City, with the aim to build the capacity of young media professionals and students. The agreement between Media City and Euronews also includes locally produced programs targeting all age groups, with a special focus on youth. Programs will cover topics such as business, culture, entertainment, and current affairs. All programs will be available on Euronews’ various editions and platforms. This partnership represents an important step towards establishing Media City as one of the favorite destinations for worldwide known media institutions and technology companies. We aspire to sign more strategic partnerships of this kind and hope that this will lead to greater development in the media sector throughout the region.



Media City is a lead organizer of the Qatar Economic forum with Bloomberg

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